Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just popping in

This past week has been crazy, man. Busy, stressful, tiring. This past week has tried my patience and threatened to steal my sanity, but I managed to make it to the weekend. At one point this week, when my kids were driving me batty, I called my husband and whined about how I've been praying for God to give me patience. His reply? "God doesn't give you patience, he makes you work for it" *sigh* So true, but not what I wanted to hear LOL

That said, I'm taking the weekend off to chill and relax and de-stress, so I'm ready to jump back into life on Monday morning. Hope all my fellow Canucks enjoyed Canada Day on Wednesday, and Happy 4th to all of my Americal Friends!


  1. I know it wasn't what you wanted to hear but you're husband was right. God doesn't give you patience as much as he gives you the opportunities to be patient.

    But I'm glad you made it to the weekend. Well, it's Monday now so I hope you got the boost you needed to take on this week. How's the no junk diet going?

  2. Hey! Thanks! I know he was right. He usually is where matters of God are concerned :)

    The no junk challenge is chugging along LOL Thanks for asking. I had a couple of minor slip ups, but nothing major. Looking forward to Thursday when I can start bringing in a few snacks here and there again. It gave me the boost I needed though!

  3. good! and thursday will be here before you know it.