Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stuck, stuck stuck!

Ugh. I've hit my first plateau, I guess. It's too early for this! I've been stuck at 178lbs for almost 3 weeks now. I've already been eating 100cal less/day than recommended on most calorie calculators, so I know the blame has got to be on the lack of gym time. I need to do something to get in some exercise over the next month or so until I'll have my regular gym time again. I'm finding that with my weight-loss stalling, it's harder to be motivated to keep track of my calories like I've been doing so far, and I'm worried it's all going to just spiral down from there.

Just yesterday I booked a romantic weekend away for our 11th wedding anniversary at the end of May. Check out this gorgeous room!

I'm determined to at least be wearing my size 16 jeans, and my old (but barely worn) size 16 bathing suit, comfortably, by then. If not a smaller size! It's finally getting nicer outside, so I think I'll start running/walking outside on Tuesdays & Thursday's while Josh is at his extracurricular stuff. Mya's puppy classes are finished, so I shouldn't have any problem getting to BodyPump class at the gym on Monday & Wednesday evenings. The weekends are proving to be difficult, since the gym closes at 5pm and Jeff doesn't get home from work until 6:30. I hate to go out running or whatever on the weekend evenings, since I'm already out pretty much every evening the rest of the week. Jeff's been super-great about coming home from work just to deal with the kids' bedtime, etc by himself so much. But he's been working so hard, I can't help but feel a little guilty for taking so much time to myself when he's getting so little downtime, ya know?

I have been trying to get the kids/puppy out for at least a walk around the block every day now that the weather's nice enough. I did get a copy of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, so maybe I'll try getting that in on the weekends while the kids play in their room.

OK, I think I've geared myself back up again LOL Let's see how it goes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why measurements are important, too!

So yesterday was the first Saturday of the month, which means it was both my official weekly weigh-in day, and my monthly measurements day. I stepped on the scale in the morning, only to see that it hadn't moved, not one little fraction of a pound. I was so disappointed! I'd been so good this past week, sticking to my plan, staying within my daily calorie limit. I didn't get in the same amount of gym time due to Jeff's current crazy work schedule, but I did get a few classes in, and I also went through a major house cleaning (that's gotta burn some calories!).

But then, I took my measurement and the disappointment was gone. I lost an additional 4 inches overall in the last month! Woot!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Danone DanActive Bzz Campaign

So I'm a Bzz Agent, and am currently involved in a campaign for Danone DanActive yogurt drinks. These little drinks are awesome and have been part of my regular grocery purchases for the last month or so. They come in lots of flavours, but so far I've only been able to find the Strawberry, Blueberry and Pomegranite-Berry flavours. They're all good, but the pom-berry is by far my favourite.

From their website:
Thanks to the unique bacterial culture L. casei Defensis®(DN-114 001), exclusive to Danone, DanActive® helps strengthen the body's natural defenses when consumed daily. Scientific studies (24 more precisely) have proven DanActive's effectiveness.

What's really great about it, though, is each serving is only 80 calories and 1.5 grams of fat! Awesome! That makes it easy to fit into my daily calorie allowance. Plus it's healthy calories (and those are the best kind)!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I weigh myself everyday. It's some sort of compulsion or something. First thing in the morning, before breakfast. It's interesting to see the small fluctuations each day. Usually the numbers move around up and down up to 1.5lbs over the course of a week. I only officially count my weight on Saturday mornings, though. That's when I update my stats here, on 3FC and on my online tickers. The only exception is my FridgeGraph, which I update twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday. Mostly because I like seeing the little progress line moving along my goal line LOL

So since my official weigh-in at 179.0 on Saturday, it's gone from 178.8 to 179.8 over the last few days. Today though? Well today I stepped on the scale and it read 176.0! Really? I had to check twice LOL I'm torn between being excited that I might pull a 3+lb loss this week and trying not to get my hopes up too much What if I need to replace the batteries in my scale or something?

I guess I'll keep working hard and looking forward to Saturday =)