Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Ticker, and a Dilemma

So I added a new ticker to the bottom of the page, counting down to the Marathon By The Sea 5k run happening on August 8. Eeek! I'm hoping seeing the time get smaller and smaller will help keep me motivated to get in my workouts so that I'm ready for it. I really want to get fit, and I really really don't want to embarass myself!

As to my current dilemma: I've been wearing the same two pairs of size 18 jeans from Old Navy for what seems like forever. I'm to the point now where the once too-tight pair fit me perfectly, and the other pair require a belt to stop them falling down all the time.

So I'm not quite ready for size 16's yet. I don't currently own any pants smaller than the 18's I'm wearing now. Old Navy has a sale starting today where they're matching the US sale price on jeans, so they're only $19 a pair.

I can't decide whether to go ahead and buy a pair in the next size down. At that great price, maybe I should go ahead and buy a pair of 16's and a pair of 14's. I'm determined to keep losing... but there's a part of me (the frugal part? the insecure part? the low self-confidence part? I don't know) that's balking at spending money on clothes that don't fit. Then again, that frugal part of me is screaming "take advantage of the good deal while you can! Next month you might need those 16's and have to pay $40 for them!"

*sigh* Decisions, decisions...

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