Monday, February 15, 2010

My Virtual Me

Recently I discovered My Virtual Model, a site where you can create... well, I virtual model LOL You can input your height, weight, body shape, etc. Technically it's for trying on virtual clothes, but I used it to create a model of myself at my starting weight of 194lbs and another one of me at my goal weight of 120lbs. And I have to say Wow! what an inspiration it is. I also recently decided that I'm going to grow my hair long again (which my husband is very happy about). I cut it short because I didn't feel like my long hair was doing my chubby face any favours. Now that I'm on track to getting thinner, I'm going to let my hair grow longer. So, I gave my goal weight model a longer hairstyle, too :)

Here I am, "before and after"

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