Thursday, June 4, 2009


Our church community was devestated this week by the sudden death of a friend's baby girl, of menengitis. I'm just heartsick for this family, and thoughts of their sweet baby and the grief they're going through right now has occupied my thoughts since we got the news late Tuesday evening. It's made me more aware of my own children, more appreciative of the joys they bring me, more patient with those aspects of parenting I sometimes find frustrating, and has caused me to hug them just a little bit closer.

It's made me think, too, that I'm not on this journey of weight-loss and healthier living just for me. I'm doing it for them, too. So that they'll hopefully have a mom who's there for them well into their adulthood. So they'll have a mom who has the energy to jump in and play with them. While I think it's important to want to achieve lifestyle goals for our own well-being, it's also important to find inspiration in the people who mean the most in our lives.

So, this week's inspiration, for me, is my boys. My big kid, Josh, who turned 7 just yesterday. My little 4 year old man, Asher and my sweet baby boy Corban, who at a year old is just a few months older than little Miranda who has gone to be with Jesus this week.


  1. This is really cool and your kids are cute! I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of "little Miranda." I can't imagine.... Anyway, I wish you the very best with your weighloss program, but, from your pic, you look good right now!

  2. It seems that you have so many things to share in your blog. Will be following your posts. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks both of you for stopping by!